2018 Events

Chili Cook Off 2018

Our annual Great Chili Cookoff will take place following Vespers on January 27th. Cost is $5.00 for all you can eat (or stomach!), beer and wine available for a separate charge. Join us and maybe even you can lift the coveted Wilkalis Trophy! 

We look forward to seeing you here.

5400 Annie Oakley Dr.Las Vegas, NV 89120


Chili Cook Off 2017

The 2017 Chili Cookoff was a blast last year. Our reigning champion Cathy Wilkalis fought hard to win with brand new chili name Chernobyl but came within one point and 2nd to our new champion, Bill Stafford who will hoist the Wilkalis Trophy this year. Please check out our gallery and join us again on January 27th at 5 PM (right after Vespers).

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