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Donations – Online Giving

Thank you for prayerfully considering your contribution to Saint Paul’s Church. As a fast growing parish with a significant number of newer immigrants and refugees, it can be challenging to meet our daily needs while also budgeting for future growth. We have provided this online giving feature as a convenient way to allow you to support this ministry with your offerings.

We greatly appreciate your financial gifts to Saint Paul’s. Tax receipts will be issued for all eligible donations. Our chosen vendor is PayPal, an eBay Company, which allows you to make your donation with a credit card – safely, securely, and conveniently (available from 38 countries). Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Please click the button below to get started:

Donations may also be sent directly to: 
St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church
PO BOX 12635
5400 Annie Oakley Drive
Las Vegas NV 89112-0635 USA

List of Commemorative Opportunities for St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church

Landscaping of the remainder of the property: $100,000

Phase 1 Sanctuary: $13,500 (Done)
Phase 2 Wall over/around Iconostasis: $15,000
Phase 3 Ceiling and Walls: $14,500
Phase 4 Dome Part One: $16,000
Phase 5 Dome Part Two: $16,000

Carpeting and Tiling Floor of Church: $15,000

Mosaics on Outside of Church Four Mosaics (price per mosaic): $5,000

Paving of path from Church to Hall: $2,000

All donations are tax deductible and will be in a restricted account until project is paid for and completed. Please contact Fr. John if you are interested in donating towards one of these projects.

“At each Liturgy, those who contributed to the building of the Church are commemorated. In building churches here on earth, we create for ourselves eternal habitations in heaven. Decades will pass. Our bodies will decay. Perhaps our very bones will turn to dust, but our souls will live eternally. Happy will he be, who prepared for his soul a dwelling in the heavenly mansions. Even if the churches which were built should fall to ruin, the names of those who contributed to their construction will be written God’s eternal books, and the prayers which arose from within those churches will be heard.” – St John Maximovitch, Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco

Want to help but unable to finanically tithe? We have many projects we need volunteers for listed here:

Church Maintenance

Stewardship is one of the most important things to maintaining the life of the Church.

In these tougher economical times its sometimes very hard to finanically support our parish family, but your time can be just as helpful. 

Here are a list of things we could use some help with:

High Priority Repairs
1. Repair door latches on Narthex double-doors
2. Repair door latches on Nave south double-doors
3. Inspect electrical outlets

1. Fix urinal in men’s bathroom
2. Fix choir director’s lectern
3. Replace broken windows on south side of Nave

Routine Maintenance
1. Spot-paint building exterior
2. Clean & arrange utility sink closet
3. Clean out metal tool shed & dispose of lawn mower
4. Dispose of wood piles

If you can help with any of these things please contact Fr. John.

Daily Scripture Readings

Please take a moment to visit our library:

In this section you will find information of the historical background of the Church, as well as it’s doctrines and practices. In addition, we have included both biographies and writings of Orthodox Saints that offer a further understanding of Christian Orthodoxy.

  • History
  • Doctrine
  • Practices
  • Saints
  • Spirituality

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We are honored by your visit and invite you to come experience in faith and love the ancient Orthodox Christian Church.


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